Cantonese Tofu Curry with XO Sauce

XO sauce is popular among Chinese foods. Often used as the premium stir-fried menus, so it surely enriches to cook the Cantonese Tofu Curry with XO Sauce.

Deep Fried Tofu with Gravy Sauce

Easy menu for holiday. Let’s recommend a menu with frozen firm tofu cook with gravy sauce as Deep Fried Tofu with Gravy Sauce. It is the good moment with family in your holiday.

Chinese Rice Porridge

Hong Kong Porridge is excellent for breakfast as rich in nutritional value. If you want to eat porridge, do it yourself, it is easy and put all your favorite items to extreme your porridge.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice is quick food and very popular dish. Slice the chicken, and then serve with cucumber and prepared sauce. It is also good for either home lunch or outside picnic.

Stir Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts

Stir Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts is the favorite menu for family. With the flavorful tastes, most enjoy the chew of cashew and serve with little chicken gravy. Let’s enjoy easy cooking.

Chicken Noodles

Chicken noodle is a one-dish menu. Just throw in the spices and simmer for the time to get a rich broth. Add blanched bean sprout, blanched noodles and soft plant-based chicken on top. Easy and go.

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