Corporate Profile

YOUTA, was established since 1990 as the mini-factory producing meat-replacement products. With the increasing numbers of health lovers and animal lovers, more people preferred to consume protein from plants rather from animals. YOUTA, as a leader of non-meat producer, had grow simultaneously in the vegetarian market and health lover market.  Concerning for the appetizing and nutritious elements, we always select the premium raw materials in the production for our local and aboard customers.

Youta’s prime core is quality, hygiene and safety.  Together with continual research and development for more delicious non-meat diets, we later established Meta Vegetarian Company in Nakornpathom in the year 2000 for larger production capacity and quality achievement of GMP and ISO standard.

Presently, the health concern is growing, Still, people love to enjoy their eating patterns.  One of the best selective options that they still enjoy cooking their favourite dishes is using YOUTA plant-based protein products to replace fish, pork, and shrimp for cooking.   This makes no different in their favourite dishes.

Reducing meat consumption, it is no longer private matter anymore.  Eating less meat offers an easy and practical way to help the environment – simply eat less meat can save water, land, energy, and other vital resources. YOUTA wish that all people will enjoy delicious foods in every meal; as Good Veggie, Good Life.

YOUTA  Brand and YOUTA  Logo

YOUTA’s logo is similar to two arms with hands and one star. Hands reaching up the star. Star is our goals or mission. Under yellowish colour in circle showing the boundless positive and cheerful environment, we would hold hands to reach our goals.

For brand, YOUTA is callingraphy of Chinese letter of 有答. Translating from Chinese’s word, it is meant  “ having the answer.” We are presenting ourselves as the answer to your nonmeat diet, who serving the one-stop veggie kitchen. Deeply focusing on this Chinese script, there is another more profound interpretation. The character shows laugh in face with two eyes above and laugh lines beside the mouth. In brief, Consuming nonmeat diet will be the answer to your happiness.